Largemouth Bass

Micropterus salmoides

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Largemouth bass are among the most popular gamefish in the United States and they can be found in many warm water lakes, ponds and rivers.

A rather aggressive predator they will attack many types of baits and artificial lures. The average size of an adult largemouth bass is one to three pounds although some females may grow to be 8 to 10 pounds. Male bass usually don't weigh more than a pound or two, any trophy size bass will be a female. Coloration tends to be dark greenish on the back fading to a whitish belly and dark splotches on the side. In the early spring when the fish are coming out of the deeper water bass will tend to be light colored, almost silvery. Bass can usually be can found lurking in the shadows where they can ambush passing prey without exerting themselves too much. The edges of lily pads, submerged logs and rocks in the water are good places to start looking. Bass are sight feeders that are attracted by movement and shiny objects especially those that mimic sunlight reflecting off the scales of a baitfish. They are generally not fussy eaters and feed on a variety of insects, shad, panfish,crayfish, snakes, frogs, worms, mice and even ducklings.

Spawning occurs in mid to late spring when the male will use it's fins to fan out a saucer shaped depression in shallow water. Females lay the eggs and depart, leaving the male to guard the nest.