Fishing for Spotted Bass

Spotted Bass

Micropterus punctulatus

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Photograph of Spotted Bass

Also known as the kentucky bass, this freshwater bass is often mistaken for a smallmouth bass however it may be identified by the horizontal alignment of the hinge of the jaw under the eye instead of in front of the eye as is the case with the smallmouth.

The body coloration of the Spotted Bass is green with rows of dark spots or splotches along is sides although these markings may appear faded in individuals that have been staying in deep water particularly in the winter. Also Kentucky Bass can on occasion hybridize with Smallmouth Bass and will have characteristics of both species.

Spotted bass are tolerant of warm turbid water and are often found living in the same body of water as largemouth bass. The maximum expected weight is about five pounds but the average is closer to one pound. Spotted bass like to spawn on areas of rocks and gravel.