Fishing for Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch

Perca flavescens

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Coloration is olive on back to yellow sides with dark vertical bars fading to a white belly. Lower fins are yellow orange. Adults are 6 to 8 inches long but can be as large as 12 inches long.

Yellow perch favor areas of clear deep water with grass beds in which to hide. A small relation to the Walleye, yellow perch feed on other fish, insect,worms, crayfish. They are generally more active at dawn and dusk when they will come to shallow water to feed. On bright days perch will be found hiding in the shadow of a log or in deeper water.

Small minnows and worms are the best baits but yellow perch will bite on small spinners and jigs. Rubber twirltails with yellow seem to be particularly favored by perch.