Fishing for Stripers and Bluefish

Striped bass and Bluefish are quite possibly the two most popular gamefish on the east coast.

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Pomatomus saltatrix

Description:Long bodied streamlined fish with bluish or greenish coloration on back becoming lighter on lower sides with a white belly. Tail is sharply forked. Mouth is full of very sharp teeth. They generally travel in a large school where the individual fish are approximately equal in size. Steel leaders should be used when fishing for bluefish. Generally the most productive time for fishing for Blues is 2 hours before and an hour after high tide.
Natural Baits : Cut bait or live bunker , squid
Artificial lures - Minnow immitations, silver spoons and jigs with a fast retrieve
Small blues are considered to be very tasty but the meat of larger bluefish is not as well liked. Also the flesh of bluefish does not freeze as well as other species of fish.
Average size - 1 to 15 pounds
Largest expected size 32 pounds