Fishing for Drums

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Drums are noted for the noise that they make when they are out of the water.

Red Drum

Sciaenops ocellatus

Other common names : Channel Bass, Redfish
Description: Copper colored on back with silver sides. Belly is white. One or more black spots will be present at base of the tail. Tail fin is squared off. Scales are large.
Average size : 10 to 50 lbs
Largest Expected Size 120 lbs
Found in the surf and in coastal bays particularly in the spring. Fishing Bottom feeder. Soft bite fishing with the bail open is often productive. A good method of fishing for red drum in the surf is to use large hooks with fresh shrimp or cut mullet and heavy weights. Cast out as far as possible, wait for a few minutes then reel in a few yards and let it sit again. Repeat this process until the bait reachs the shoreline and then recast.
Natural Baits : Clams, peeler crabs, cut bait, shrimp
Artificial lures:Jigs, plugs and saltwater spoons.

Black Drum

Pogonias cromis

Latin Name: Description: Arched back with black vertical bars which are faint in larger specimens. Back is copper, bronze or grayish with light colored belly. Numerous barbels on chin. Pectoral fin is sharply pointed. Tail is square.
Average size : 20 to 70 lbs
Largest Expected Size 120 lbs
Natural Baits Clams, minnows, fresh dead shrimp, small crabs.
Artificial lures : None recommended. They are generally not effective.
Black drum often feed in the sloughs in the surf searching for crustaceans