Fishing for Flounder

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Summer Flounder

Often referred to as flatfish, they are ambush predators which have adapted to lying in the sand and waiting for prey to happen by. Flounder are particularly active on moving tides.

Paralichthys dentatus

Description:Oval flat bodied fish with both eyes on one side. Brown in color on side with eyes. 5 large dark spots with halos. White on the other side. Tail fin is convex, shaped somewhat like a pentagon.
Average Size 2 to 5 lbs
Largest expected size 20 lbs
Natural Baits : bloodworms, lures, squid, minnows,peeler crabs

Summer Flounder are sight feeders and fairly aggressive predators. Movement and flashing light which simulates light reflecting off the scales of baitfish are very attractive to them. Surf fishing rigs for flounder will often have a silver spinning blade above the hook to achieve just such an effect. Summer Flounder are masters of concealment and are capable of changing their color to more closely match their surroundings. Doing a slow retrieve or allowing your rig to move with current will likely get more strikes than just having it stay in one place for an extended period of time. Occasionally they will bite on artificial lures such as rubber grubs and metal spoons.

Southern Flounder

Paralichthys lethostigma

Description : Oval flat bodied fish with both eyes on one side. Olive color with diffused spots. White underside. Males grow to 12 inches long, females to 25 inches.

Southern flounder occur from North Carolina down to Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico. They generally prefer the mud bottoms of coastal estuaries.