Puffer Fish

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Northern Puffer

Sphoeroides maculatus

Other common names ; Blow Toad,Blowfish
Description: Coloration is light brown with dark vertical bars. Fins are yellow to yellowish orange.
Appropriate baits include clams, squid strips, clam snouts
Average size - under a pound
Largest expected size 2 pounds

This fish is able to expand its body by filling it's abdomen with water or air in order to make it more difficult for predators to swallow it. A common feeding tactic of the puffer is that a group of fish will surround a blue crab each taking a turn attacking the crab. Their rabbit like incisors allow them to bite through the hard shell. In addition puffer fish feed on crustaceans, worms and mollusks.

Striped Burrfish

Chilomycterus schoepfi

The striped burrfish has numerous short sharp spines on its back as well as the ability to expand its body like a puffer fish. It primarily inhabits eel grass beds during the warm months where it feeds on molluscs,barnacles and crustaceans. Powerful jaws allow it to crush the shells of its prey. In the winter it moves to deeper water. The maximum length is about 10 inches. It is occasionally caught by surf fisherman expecially when clam snouts or other molluscs are used as bait.