Common Saltwater Fishing Rigs

There are a multitude of pretied saltwater fishing rigs that you can buy but it is often cheaper buy some terminal tackle and to tie your own. The following are some of the simpler common surf rigs.

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An improved clinch knot is one of the easier knots to use to tie on terminal tackle.

Image of how to tie an improved clinch knot

Surf or Bottom Rig

Probably the simplest surf rig that you can use, it works well for bottom feeders such as kingfish and is less likely to tangle than the dropper rig.

Float Rig

The float rig will keep bait visible to passing fish and away from crabs lurking on the bottom. They are frequently used when fishing for flounder as well.

Dropper Rig

A dropper or high low rig has two wire arms projecting from it. Allows you to fish with two different baits at the same time. Commonly used when fishing from a pier or in the surf.

Fish Finder Rig

A fish finder rig is designed to keep the bait off of the bottom away from crabs and to provide a more visible presentation to foraging fish. The baited hook can rise and fall with waves varying the depth as the line is free slide through the swivel that is tied to the sinker.