Camping and Hiking

For centuries man has sought to move away from a nomadic lifestyle where he was subject to the vagaries of mother nature to one that he could control completely. With air conditioning, electric lighting and central heating sometimes the only way to know that it is raining is to look out the window. Still there are certain deranged individuals who are willing forgo all this to spend time living outdoors. While some people are satistfied with just driving to the beach and camping out of their car, others feel the need to hike for days on end living on only what gear and supplies that they can carry on their back.

While the car camper may seem to be quite different from the backpacker they both share three basic needs for comfort and survival;those are food,shelter and water.

Some basic questions should be asked.

  1. Shelter- Humans need protection from the elements
    1. What kind of weather can you expect for this time of year? Sunshine or rain or snow?
    2. What kind of clothing is appropriate? This question is a little more tricky than it sounds.
    3. Do you need a sleeping bag or will a blanket suffice.
    4. What kind of shelter do you need? A tent, a leanto?
    5. Are mosquitoes, flies or other pests likely to be present.

  2. Food
    1. What food to bring
    2. How many people
    3. How to prepare
    4. How will you keep perishables from spoiling.

  3. Water- People need at least two quarts of water a day to remain functional, more if they exert themselves physically.
    1. How much water will you need.
    2. How will you store it?
    3. Will you be able to transport it?
    4. Will it be available? Where from a tap, spring, lake stream, well.
    5. Will you have to treat it to make it potable?
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