Common Liquid Fueled Campstoves

Here are a couple of very common camping stoves which I have seen for sale at yard sales and swap meets on numerous occasions. Seldom is the users manual or operating instructions are provided with the stove.

Coleman Model 425 and Model 424 Stove

Image of Coleman Model 425 Stove

Coleman Model 425 two burner stove

Directions for Lighting a Coleman Liquid Fueled Two Burner Stove

  1. Make sure that both the valve on the fuel tank as well as the valve on the left hand side of the stove are shut by turning them clockwise.
  2. Turn lighting lever up.
  3. Open pump valve by turning the pump knob 1 turn counter clockwise.
  4. Place thumb over the hole in the pump knob and pump 35 to 50 times.
  5. Turn the pump knob clockwise.
  6. While holding lit match near the right burner, open the valve on the fuel tank to ignite the fuel.
  7. After one minute the flame should be blue, turn down the lighting lever.
  8. If desired, light the left burner by holding a match near the burner and turning the valve on the left side of the stove counter clockwise.

Optimus SVEA 123, 123R

Single Burner Stove
Made in Sweden
Fuel Capacity 4.5 oz White Gas, Coleman Fuel
Weight 1 lb 3 oz
Run Time Approximately 75 minutes on a tank of fuel
Boils 1 liter of water in about 7 minutes

To Fuel the SVEA 123

  1. Holding the wind shield so as not to bend it.
  2. Twist the base of the stove to the left (clock wise)
  3. Pull the windshield straight up off the stove.
  4. Unscrew the fuel tank cap. Fill the tank to only 2/3 full.
  5. Replace the fuel tank cap.
  6. Replace the wind screen so that one of the large holes allows access to the regulating valve.

To Light the SVEA 123

  1. Heat the base of the stove by holding in the hands. In very cold weather it may be necessary to use a pump to pump air into the tank or to use alcohol or flammable paste to heat the generator.
  2. Open valve by turning clockwise to allow fuel to trickle out of the nipple and drip into the spirit cup.
  3. Close the valve and light the fuel in the spirit cup. When this fuel has just about burnt out, open the valve and the remaining flame should ignite the burner, Otherwise use a match.
  4. To shut off the stove, turn the valve clockwise