Sport Lures NFL Licensed Fred Arbogast Crankbaits

The color schemes of most lures are designed as much to attract buyers as they are to attract fish.

One example of this was a NFL licensed Arbogast Pug Nose lure with the team colors and logo of NFL Football Teams. Renamed the tackler, they were designed by Sport Lures Inc. of Willoughby, Ohio

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According to a December 1989 article that appeared in the Sun Sentinel Newspaper, they were sold by mail order with an initial production run of 1500 lures for each team These appeared to be packaged in thick gauge plastic bags.


Initial production for NFL Sport Lures. St. Louis Cardinals

Later production runs were in more compact hard plastic cases. .

Washington Redskins Arbogast Lure

The last mention of these lures I could find was published in 1993.


Klinkenberg, Marty "Starting Tackle: NFL Enters Fishing Business" Sun Sentinel - Florida Dec. 21 1989