Coleman 5409 Two Burner Picnic Stove

October 11, 2013

I came across this unusual aluminum cased Coleman stove at a yard sale a couple of months ago. It was in very good condition. Priced at only 4 dollars, I couldn't pass it up.

It is a Model 5409 two burner Picnic Stove, introduced in 1964, they were sold into the 1970's. There was also a single burner version of this stove produced during the same period, the model 5404.

Front view of Coleman 5409 Picnic Stove with propane fuel bottle

The stove measures 18 inches long by 10 1 /2 inches deep and 5 1/4 inches high. It weighs about 4 1/2 pounds without the fuel cylinders.

The 5409 picnic stove runs on special 6 ounce propane cylinders. The cylinder for each burner is inserted into one of the sides of the stove onto a brass nipple. These little propane cylinders are no longer made by Coleman or any other company that I know of. Fortunately, I found that my Father still had some optimus propane cylinders on hand that he bought years ago to use with his 70's era Gerry Stove which fit perfectly.

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An interesting thing about this stove is that essentially it is two single burner stoves housed in the same unit. Each burner has its own fuel cartridge and valve.


It take a few minutes for the generator to warm up enough for the flame to burn blue.


Once it warms up, its performance is comparable to LP stoves using 14 and 16 ounce screw on cylinders.

It takes seven turns to open valve fully. Each burner has a two to three hour run time on a cylinder.


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