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Assateague Wildlife other Than Horses

While the wild horses are the most famous residents of Assateague, the island is also is home to a great many species of birds and animals.

Other mammals such as white tail deer,eastern cotton tail rabbits, red fox, and skunks may be seen as well.

The Sika deer are a non-native species of elk from Japan. Considerably smaller than the whitetail deer, they were introduced to the Island in the 1920's.

Oyster Catcher

Around the campgrounds you will frequently see and hear red wing black birds, boat-tail grackles and laughing gulls.

Along the beach, plovers and other birds probe the sand for food uncovered by the surf.

You may come across some less common species such as this Oyster Catcher (Haematopus palliatus) which feeds on mollusks and crustaceans it find along the shoreline.

Horseshoe Crab

There is lots of smaller wildlife that often goes unnoticed such as this ghost crab on the beach.