Common Northern Moon Snail

Lunatia heros

Common Northern Mood Shell - Seashore State Park, VA

Common Moon Snail Shell

A carnivorous snail that feeds on molluscs by drilling a hole through it's prey's shell. They feed mostly on bivalves but they will feed on other snails as well as each other. Average size is 4 inches although 7 inches high is possible.

Photograph of Babys Ear Snail,Dogwinkle, and Periwinkle

Top: Common Baby's Ear- Seashore State Park, VA Middle: Atlantic Dogwinkle - Acadia National Park, Maine
Bottom Left:Common European Periwinkle - Acadia National Park

Common Baby's Ear

Sinum perspectivum

A moon snail with a flattened shell that feeds on clams.

European Periwinkle

Littorina littorea

An edible snail that is commonly eaten in Europe. It's thick shell varies from brown to black in color. European periwinkles inhabit the intertidal zone and found in tidal pools where they feed on algae and diatoms.

Atlantic Dogwinkle

Nucella lapillus

Also known as the Dog Whelk. This predatory snail feeds on barnacles and mollusks by boring a hole in the shells to reach the soft tissues inside. Dogwinkles prefer rocky shorelines with limited wave action and tidal pools. They are often found on intertidal rocks where they can survive being out of the water for a few hours until the tide returns.

Marsh Periwinkle

Littorina irrorata

Photograph of a Marsh Periwinkle shell

Marsh Periwinkle

The marsh periwinkle can be found in saltwater marshes on reeds where it feeds on algae.

New England Nassa

Nassarius trivittatus

two views of New England Nassa Snail - Assateaque State Park

Two views of a New England Nassa Snail Shell.

The New England Nassa Snail is a scavenger which feeds on dead sea creatures. It is usually found on sandy bottoms at depths of 6 to 200 ft. Shell length to 0.7 inches.

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